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View Vibes

With 520 miles of waterfront, Lake Norman homes for sale span a diverse shoreline, offering many view options.

Waterfront view home lake norman

Main Channel

The Good: Jaw dropping open “ocean like” views. Typically more private since no homes face directly at yours. Great lifestyle to watch all the boating activity.

The Bad: Much more boat traffic & noise, which leads to choppier water. This causes more wear on the dock, shoreline, and any boats you have in the water.


Calm Cove

The Good: Coves are typically quieter and friendlier for swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding. You'll deal with less wear and tear on everything in the water. 

The Bad: Less private, as other waterfront homes may face yours. Water access might be limited in the winter season depending on cove size and depth. 

There are plenty of options in-between if you're looking a the best of both worlds. We're experts at finding you the right waterfront Lake Norman property to meet your lifestyle.


West facing waterfront homes can get MUCH warmer in the summer when they bask in the sun most of the afternoon, but those sunsets are amazing...


East facing waterfront Lake Norman homes are cooler in the summer and you can watch the sunrise over the lake, if you’re an early riser...

Water Temps

The Lake Normans average temperature varies a lot over the year.

  • Warmest Month: July - Average 81.7°F 
  • Coldest Month: January - Average 38.1°F

Here is a 5 month span of the Aug - Dec timeframe.

lake norman average water temp

Free Irrigation

Duke Energy allows "minor water withdrawals" and may authorize a single irrigation pump for private waterfront homes usage. The the pump must be rated 2 horsepower or less. Imagine the green grass you'll have all year.

To get this on your waterfront property, Duke Energy needs:

  • A sketch showing the proposed line and pump locations in the lake from the Project Boundary lakeward.
  • Copy of a registered survey of the property, showing proposal's location from your property into the project boundary.
  • A statement verifying the pump’s rated horsepower (2 horsepower maximum), and the intended use of the water withdrawn.
  • Private Facilities User’s Agreement Letter.
  • Directions by road to the property where the permit is being requested.
lake norman waterfront sale

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In the northern area of Lake Norman, there a few low height bridges to access the main part of the lake.

If you read the article on water levels (you should), you’ll know this can get tricky depending on your boat size. So, if you love to sail, it’s best not to purchase in an area with a low bridge.

  • Hwy 150 Bridge – Catawba River – 8′ 5″ & 11′ 1″
  • Hwy 150 Bridge – Mountain Creek – 5′ 9″
  • Hwy 150 Bridge – Reed Creek (LKN Marina) – 5′ 9″
  • Mount Pleasant Rd. Bridge – Mountain Creek – 5′ 5″
  • Railroad Bridge – Mountain Creek – 6′ 3″
  • Slanting Bridge Rd. – Mountain Creek – over 10′ 0″
  • Governors Island Rd. Bridge – Burton Creek – 7′ 10″
  • Williamson Rd. Bridge – Reeds Creek – 6′ 0″
  • I – 77 Bridge – Reeds Creek – 10′ 3″

Also, there are 2 "lakes" on the East side of I-77, Lake Davidson and Lake Cornelius. These DO NOT have boat access to the Lake Norman. 

Busy Season

May - September

People from all over love to come enjoy the warm water and sun, but the lake is never without activity even in the winter months. Many locals enjoy the fall & spring months when it’s quieter on the water. 

Don’t own a boat or water toys? There are marinas that provide rentals and chartered cruises.

Lake Norman is known for its record-breaking crappie, catfish, striped bass, largemouth bass, and white and yellow perch, attracting anglers from all over the world. Several national fishing tournaments are held here, and the early summer months bring the peak fishing opportunities.

Fish Attractors

You can place of fish attractors made of natural wood (e.g., brush, Christmas trees) or PVC that are securely tied together and properly anchored so as not to become a hazard to navigation.

They must remain:

1) at a depth greater than minimum water levels
2) covered by an approved boat docking facility; or
3) in close association with an approved pier.

Nylon rope should be used to tie the materials together and for connecting materials to the anchor. Anchors should consist of concrete blocks or other suitable weight.

Roping off a Swim Area

Private individuals CANNOT “rope off” or exclude the public from a portion of the lake for the purpose of creating a private swimming area at their waterfront Lake Norman home.

swim area lake norman waterfront home
boating tubing lake norman waterfront home

Water Toys

Allowed  – Any small recreational equipment, ski and inner tubes, ski bobs, and less than three-person towables.

Not Allowed - Water trampolines, sliding and diving boards not permanently attached to a permitted structure, blobs, greater than three-person towables, and other large inflatable recreational items.

Boating Laws

The waters of Lake Norman are regulated by the statutes of North Carolina, the Lake Norman Marine Commission, NC Wildlife Resources Commission and by the counties that surround the lake (Catawba County, Iredell County, Lincoln County & Mecklenburg County).

Listed below are common laws you should know:

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